The iCommunicator

written by: PAULINE2013

The i communicator is a device designed for the deaf and the hard of hearing to enable them have real-time conversations like any other able person. This devices combines computer software with hardware and is capable of incorporating with other hearing aids such as the cochlear implants as well as the FM listening system.

This device has a database of approximately 30,000 words and 9,000 sign language videos. It works by the help of a software powered by Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking, whereby it converts speech into text and therefore the deaf can respond by text which is also converted into speech. Besides converting speech into text, the i communicator also converts speech or text to computer generated voice or video sign language.

This device is therefore meant to improve literacy as well as improve independence. It is thus applicable in educational institutions, government organizations and healthcare institutions among others. The i communicator is a successful technology innovation that has favored the deaf community greatly by enabling them to overcome the feeling of isolation in the society.

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