Campus Nightmares episode 2, Gallaudet Murders,” will be on the air on August 6, 2014 on LMN Channel at 7pm (Pacific Time)

Campus Nightmare will be airing a new episode called, “Gallaudet Murders” that will air on August 6, 2014 on LMN Channel at 7pm (PST Time). This episode is about the murder at Gallaudet University that happened in September 28, 2000.

Paul del Rosario who is an actor in this show wrote on his post: 

It is a documentary about the murder at Gallaudet University. Last October 2013, I unexpectedly got a call from my agent to audition for the lead role of the murderer. I got the part! It was filmed more than 8 hours a day and we completed filming in 4 days. I had a great time with the actors, actresses, the director, the producer, and the crew. I am grateful to my agent and MTM Agency, for my FIRST TV show! My family and friends have been waiting for this show to go on the air.”

TSG will be interviewing him soon for a segment for the Silent Interview! Be on watchout for this interview!

Stay tuned! If you watched it, let us know what you think!


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