Campus Nightmares Gallaudet Murders Reactions via Twitter

Last night, Campus Nightmares: Gallaudet Murders went live on LMN. TSG went to Twitter to see how people reacted to #campusnightmares hashtag and below are some of the best responses we found.

@SilentGrapevine I recorded it and I’m halfway. Will review later. #deaf #campusnightmares
— Carrie Whitney (@CarrieWhitney) August 7, 2014

TSG still has not heard back from Carrie Whitney of her review of the show. Hopefully soon!

@SilentGrapevine are you making a movie?
— MsDeafKaren (@asl4deaf) August 7, 2014

MsDeafKaren, in response to your question, no we are not making a movie, but if we did, what do you think it should be about?

@SilentGrapevine Interesting movie. But dislike how they didn’t show any real campus (Gally) instead of using fiction dorm/classes.
— Harvey Nathanson (@hanathanson) August 7, 2014

Harvey Nathanson, interesting point. TSG thought it would of been cool if Campus Nightmares actually interviewed the killer himself.

@SilentGrapevine Yet, actor/actresses did awesome job!
— Harvey Nathanson (@hanathanson) August 7, 2014

And yes, we agree with you again that the actors/actress did a awesome job. In fact, we are interviewing one of them, the guy that played Joseph Mesa, so be on the lookout for that interview!

@SilentGrapevine Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for supporting our show! #CampusNightmares #LMN
— Indigo Films (@IndigoFilms) August 7, 2014

Indigo Films, thanks! Would you guys be interested in doing an interview with TSG? We would love to get your input on how Campus Nightmares: Gallaudet Murders came about!
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