JULY 6, 2014 – SEBRING, FLORIDA – Uncle Mike Chuto and Aunt Mary Beth Chuto stopped by for Grace’s surprise birthday party on Saturday. They were staying over two nights and invited all of us to their hotel nearby.

We spent all Sunday late afternoon and evening swimming, chatting, drinking, and spending time together. Most older people sat nearby and most of younger folks spent a lot time in the pool. Yes, some of us got a little bit drunk, but we were having a blast!!! The hotel and swimming pool were very nice and it was right next to the lake!! The pool is a bit warm, but still felt good because it was a little stormy and lightning outside on that day.

During the near-end of the video, you will see the laugh when Ron decided to open the bathroom nearby where Uncle Mike was doing his business. He did not know the door was open till he was finished and he was shocked. It’s so funny!

Afterward, we all went to restaurant inside the hotel. (No video; see pictures under Katie Laird)

The video is only 25 minutes long with no time lapse. You should able to hear and see something funny on it!

This is part of Florida vacation 2014 series. (Not in order)

Don’t forget to watch the HD quality video!

The video was made using a GoPro Hero3+ camera and edited with GoPro Studio.


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