BREAKING NEWS: Sorenson announces that Sorenson’s Videomail will be Interoperable

Sorenson Communications officially announces that all Sorenson ntouch products will “soon be interoperable with all standard VRS videophones and apps”. According to Sorenson, after the testing phase is complete, all VRS will be able to leave and receive messages from Sorenson users. Since August 29, 2014, the community has been calling on interoperability when leaving messages between all VRS providers. As mentioned in a earlier post, TSG reported on #VRSInteroperabilityNOW trend that has been going on via Facebook and Twitter that was started by Sheri Farinha. The community has responded in various ways with an employee of Sorenson doing a vlog using Sorenson logo while not be officially affiliated with the company to NAD sending a letter to the FCC protest Sorenson lack of interoperability. 
Leave us your thoughts about what you think about Sorenson announcement.

Do you think they were “too little, too late”?

UPDATE: Counsel to Sorenson Christopher J. Wright letter to the FCC regarding interoperability. 

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