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Action video: #BringSherylBack Campaign. Alison (white woman with short spiky brownish hair signing; she is wearing a green quarter sleeve shirt and is leaning back on an orange wall.


Hello! You know the Division on Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DODHH) Director Sheryl Emery has been forced to be on leave for 7 months now, under questionable circumstances. There has been no information shared and we feel her being placed on leave is unfair. So we’ve been discussing how we can support Director Emery, and came up with an idea that we’d like to invite you to take part in.

What can you do? Create a short (1 minute) video or write-up sharing your story about Director Emery and why you feel she should be brought back to her position. Make sure you hashtag your posting #BringSherylBack. Why hashtag? This creates a community event, unity- the same way that folks wearing the same color shirt at a rally does. Also tag MDCR DODHH Facebook page or @ them through twitter to make them aware of your thoughts/concerns. Hope you can join us!

Links: Facebook-
Twitter: @MiCivilRights

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