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Directed & Written by Julie Rems-Smario
Produced by DeafSafe, NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Film Directed and Edited by Jules Dameron
Director of Photography by Gungaa Tuvshinbat
Survivor: Rosa Lee Timm
Woman#1: Alyce Slater Reynolds
Woman#2: Lorraine Flores
Woman#3: Veronica Harmon
Woman#4: Wendy Chadd-Guido
Woman#5: Jamie Crowley
David Reynolds Estella Bustamante
Anna Virnig Brenden Gilbert
Stacy Gough Richard Horrell
Julie Rems-Smario David Smario
Sean Virnig
Transcript: (In this video as told by a survivor, the scenes switches back and forth between the house party: the survivor at a party at someone’s house and the garage: the survivor sitting alone among storage boxes in the garage facing directly to the camera)
(Opening scene: The survivor is putting on makeup in front of a mirror.)
(Switch to Garage Scene) Survivor: “I couldn’t put up with this abuse any longer.”
(Scene of house party) (Survivor walks in the door with a gift-wrapped box.)
(Garage scene) “I finally confided to my friends that I left my husband.”
(The scene changes to the party where Survivor bravely walks through kitchen. The scene then switches to the garage)
Survivor: “It was so hard to open up and share about what happened to me.”
(The scene switches to the party. A woman sees the Survivor and gives a polite smile)
Woman 1: “Would you like some food?” Survivor :“No, thanks”
(Behind the survivor’s back) Woman #1 to Woman #2:“That’s her. She ruined a good man’s reputation”.
Woman#2: ( nods) “I think she’s making it up”.
(The scene switches to the garage)
Survivor: “The result? Everyone looked down at me. They respect him. They support him. He abused me.”
(Scene changes to the party where Survivor continues walking through the house where she is met with stares and curt hello’s. The scene switches to the garage)
Survivor: “It truly sucks because I went to my best friend’s wine and cheese party. Her friends and my husband have the same friends”.
(The scene switches to the party in the backyard; the Survivor sees two women awkwardly exchange polite smiles and hello’s; the Survivor walks away).
(Behind her back, the women talk)
Woman#3: “It’s terrible. What about the kids?”
Woman#4: (nods in agreement).
(The scene switches to the garage)
Survivor: “But I just can’t endure staying with him any longer.”
(Scene switches to the party in the backyard)(Camera zooms in on a woman sitting on the corner of the patio by herself)
Woman #5 (thinking to herself): “She is so brave.”
“ I wish I had the same courage to leave my wife. If she has the courage to do this…I can too.”
(End party scene, screen shows a message from DeafSafe)
“To survivors everywhere – Your courage is inspiring someone somewhere.”
“Don’t underestimate the power of your courage.”
(The last sentence fades out to only two words)
“your courage.”

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