Driver Cited for Striking Advocate Deaf & Blind Biker

Harald Vik is wearing red and is seen with his interpreter. 
AP reported today that a South Dakota driver has been cited for striking a Norwegian man who is deaf and blind. Harald Vik was riding between South Dakota to Nebraska with his interpreter, Robert Skarsbakk on Aug 22. 70 year old Melvin Coelho was attempting to pass them as they were cycling, but ended him striking them where Vik sustained a broken pelvis, leg and arm injuries. 
Melvin Coelho will be cited for illegal overtaking and careless driving, a class two misdemeanor. 

Did you know?

Vik was born deaf and began losing his eyesight at age 10, and he’s an advocate for the disabled in his native country. He tandem-biked across the U.S. in 1982 during his first trip to the country, and he’s ridden in more than 50 countries.

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