We set up the GoPro camera for Halloween Trick N Treat that early afternoon. Apparently, it did not go too well as we hope, but we quickly adjusted by adding light on the left part of the video that you see. We saw many mistakes and no times to adjust as time goes by.

Camera setup video: http://youtu.be/svbpguAQyDs

For example, I left the GoPro camera power on & WIFI on (not recording) all afternoon, even its plugged as you can see in my other video. Apparently, the USB plugged into the wall was too slow therefore the camera battery ran out by the time we started the Trick N Treat evening. I managed to grab few footages in the three hour range and got few people came by, especially this little boy got spooky at 00:42 and you will hear his family members laughing. (Turn on your hearing aid or CI if you have one!)

Unfortunately, in our neighborhood, we don’t have many children (Maybe 50+ children overall) came to our house, but luckily we have a few candies left afterward LOL!

I usually hide behind the bushes or on a driveway, but sometime I would stand there because I had to click start record button.

In the near future, I probably need to invest better power plug in and also WIFI camera remote not smartphone app because it kept switching back and forth with my house WIFI.

My wife Katie arrived home late & join me afterward after helping her friends because their car is down on the roads.

As you can see many things goes wrong, but we still have fun!

Don’t forget to watch HD!!!!

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