CI Advocate selected for ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ CBS show.

CBS might be causing some stir within the Deaf Community when they announced the new cast for the new Survivor show this morning.

They casted a deaf woman for the show, however, it comes with an interesting twist: The deaf woman wears a CI, otherwise known as a Cochlear Implant.

Her name is Nina Poersch. She is from Palmdale, California and is 51 years old.

As some of you remember or who are long time fans of the Survivor show, Christy Smith is the first ever deaf contestant on the show. As you can understand, this thrilled the Deaf Community at the time and it also inspired millions of viewers to understand Christy struggles being deaf and using cues such as body language and reading lips to survive on the show.

Nina Poersch wants to spread the message and educate to others that she overcame her deafness by using Cochlear Implant.

“Overcoming my deafness. At no point did I let it rule my life. I did not let it bring me down. I have been able to educate people about the Cochlear Implant. I am very proud to say that I have inspired people to not let life’s unexpectedness beat them up, to find the positive, and to live life like there’s no tomorrow.”

The announcement of the cast and the team placements was earlier this morning by EW.

We also found out that Nina Poersch will be on the No Collar Tribe (aka Nargarote).

TSG would love to hear your thoughts about Nina Poersch and CBS decision to cast a deaf woman who is a CI advocate!

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Thomsen Young

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