Jules Dameron announces that “Let it Go” in ASL will be released on January 25th, 2015!

On her Facebook post, Jules Dameron announces that “Let it Go” in American Sign Language project is ready to be released to the public on Sunday, January 25th, 2015. This ASL project will feature Amber Zion & Jason Listman and an all-deaf cast and crew. Jules Dameron announced that the video will be released on D-PAN YouTube and that this video has been sponsored by NTID/RIT.
This project started on 8/26/2014 when they partnered with VameFunding.com to fundraise money for their project. They started with a goal of $8,500 for the project. The fundraising time limit ended on September 12, 2014 and they exceeded their goal and raised $10,160 dollars. In their profile, they wrote that the reason why they wanted to do this project was because,

““Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen is a worldwide phenomenon that has impacted many. The song has garnered over 265 million views on YouTube and has been translated into 42 languages. It also won an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Our ten-member team consists entirely of deaf and hard of hearing people to make this video come to fruition. Our goal is to continue to give deaf and hard of hearing artists opportunities to demonstrate their extraordinary skills.”

TSG can’t wait to check out the new video on January 25th!  
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