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As the Super Bowl XLIX is coming up, the National Association of the Deaf has teamed up with PepsiCo and they announced today that actress Treshelle Edmond has been selected to perform the National Anthem as well as perform along-side with John Legend and Idina Menzel, who is the voice of the Frozen song, “Let It Go” in performing “America the Beautiful”. Last year, Amber Zion, performed at the Super Bowl along-side with Renee Fleming and show the world the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL).

For those of you who are interested in learning more about Treshelle Edmond, she is a well-known deaf actress who has guest starred in two television shows: House, M.D. and Glee. However, within the Deaf Community, she is renowned for her work in Spring Awakening, a successful Deaf West Theater production in Los Angeles, CA. She is from San Bernardino, CA , however, she moved to Birmingham, AL and attended high school and then moved back to California to study college.

NAD CEO Howard A. Rosenblum is quoted from the PR Newswire,

“Few things bring Americans together like the Super Bowl,” said NAD CEO Howard A. Rosenblum. “No matter what team we are rooting for, we gather together to share the excitement of the game, the humor of the ads and the passion of the performances that are all such an integral part of Super Bowl Sunday. With ASL as part of the pregame festivities, the NFL and NBC ensure that all Americans including those who are deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy the Super Bowl experience equally.”

The partnership between NAD and PepsiCo has been a on-going relationship for several years now where their goal is to advance awareness of ASL and promote more inclusivity in media and pop culture.

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