Amber Zion shares her advice to Treshelle Edmond for Superbowl XLIX

It has been a year since I performed for Super Bowl and it was a great experience! What I love the most about Super Bowl experience is standing on the field and perform. Everyone should have this experience of a lifetime. This year, Treshelle Edmond will perform National Anthem and America the Beautiful and I can’t wait to see her perform! The advice(s) that I would give to her are:

1. Meet the singers at rehearsal and get know their speed and pause of the song.
2. Practice and practice.
3. Once you get on field, SMILE big! Absorb all experience and memories.
4. Hint: look for caption around the stadium if they have it. Just in case if the singers changed their speed of the song.
5. Last, ENJOY! Have fun!

Treshelle, you will do GREAT! Break the fingers!

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