Well-known Deaf Curler dies after being found outdoors by police.

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Clifford Beaulieu, 42, was taken to hospital after police found he had spent the night outdoor

A well known Deaf Manitoba curler passes away after a night of drinking and tragedy. Clifford Beaulieu, 42, was out drinking with friends at a home in the Rural Municipality of St Francis Xavier, Man and never return after a argument broke out which after the argument he left the house. He was actually found outdoors by the police the next day. According to the CBCNews, Clifford brother, Martin said,

“They told me that he was intoxicated when he left the house, but he was also angry at them and when he left, he just, like, he walked away angry,” said Martin. “Still, no matter what, you don’t let a person walk out in the cold like that.”

Since this was reported five days ago, police are still investigating the death and will comment more pending the completion of the investigation. 
TSG will find out more information as soon as we can. Please feel free to use FB comments to leave your thoughts and well-wishes for the Beaulieu family. 
Beaulieu was training for the upcoming Deaflympics. 

Latest information can be found below:
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