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Always Chasing Love: A film that shows deaf characters as complex people, not victims.

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 26, 2015. Jadolphus Fraser, the writer, producer and director of “Always Chasing Love,” is happy to announce that he is prepared to finish the film with help from you.  

Always Chasing Love is an arthouse film about a young lady’s passionate search to find her birth parents and the crime of passion that ensues, which is investigated by the SLPD (Sign Language Police Department).  This film is told uniquely in ASL, Italian, American and Australian English.

After losing the film at various postproduction locations, due to hard drive crashes, the filmmakers of “Always Chasing Love” have re-produced the film and are in postproduction again — and for the last time.  

Because the budget for Always Chasing Love has been exhausted re-producing the film, a crowdfunding campaign is now warranted to procure funds needed to finish.  Thus, a Kickstarter campaign will launch in a few weeks.  The date will be announced on the film’s social media accounts and website (see below).  

Jadolphus has worked closely with accomplished deaf talent, including actresses, producer Michelle Banks, to bring this film to fruition, which stars hearing and D/deaf actors, such as Alexandria Wailes, Hillary Baack, Patrick O’Sullivan, Bethany Orr and many more.  He is currently working with Academy Award Winner sound mixer Lisle Engle (Known for his work on American Hustle, The Killing, Arrested Development, Vanilla Sky, Austin Powers…) to create a soundscape that could be felt by the hearing and D/deaf audiences.   

To date, Jadolphus has facilitated many preview screenings to mixed audiences that have produced feedback that exceeded his expectations.  He believes this film is important, for various reasons:

1. While this film consists of deaf characters, the film isn’t about being deaf.  It’s about the pursuit of love and happiness.

2. It shows the emotional impact of abandonment and foster care that’s is unfortunately experienced by many.

2. And it shows all characters seamlessly communicating with each other orally and in ASL.

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Media contact:

Jadolphus Fraser
Operating Manager
Always Chasing Love, LLC

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