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Not Anymore is a short documentary film that will be coming out in film festivals everywhere in the world and TSG has been informed that it has been completed. Not Anymore is about a young successful Indian entrepreneur who is deaf and the film follows him around where he works and shows how he works in dynamic and challenging environments.

Vaibhav Kothari, a graduate from RIT who studied Industrial and System Engineering, also has a Master degree in Technological Entrepreneurship has been working as a professional entrepreneur all over the world, however, he work mostly in India. Vaibhav wrote that it wasn’t until a close friend of his inspired him to make a short documentary that he decided to pursue letting other people follow his life to show to other people around the world what his professional life is like in India. Throughout this short documentary, Vaibhav meets numerous people, both personally and professionally, and shows us how he interacts with interpreters, stakeholders, family members, friends. He shows the world how by using interpreters and support services he’s able to show to the world that people of all walks of life can do everything and breaking language barriers is possible everywhere in the world.

“Breaking language barriers is possible anywhere in the world.” – Vaibhav

Vaibhav grew up mostly in New Delhi, India. New Delhi, India is the capital of India and is the home a cosmopolitan city that overwhelming follows the religion of Hinduism. During the short documentary, Vaibhav explains how the lack of proper access and support services, he struggled to express himself both personally and professional. In 2004, he enrolled in RIT’s Industrial and System Engineering and discovered American Sign Language and the importance of having proper access and support services for his disabilities. After six years of education, he brought that knowledge back to India and decided to follow his dreams becoming an successful entrepreneur.

TSG will keep you posted on where the short documentary film will be available for viewing.

However, as of now, his trailer is available for viewing below!

You can also watch his first interview about the short documentary below as well!

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1 Comment

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