Presidential Search Advisory Committee – March 2014 Update

PSAC2014 Member Elvia Guillermo (G’03) provides updates on the applications received and shares that campus interviews will take place in Fall 2015.

Visual Description:

The video opens with a slide of the Gallaudet University logo on a white background. The logo has the words Gallaudet University in blue capital letters — Gallaudet appears in larger letters above the word ‘university’. Above the word Gallaudet, two arc lines in buff that start from two different points above the ‘G’ and ‘A’, come together to one point over the ‘T’. (Buff and blue are the school colors).

Elvia Guillermo, who is a staff representative on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) 2014, signs the vlog in ASL (transcript below). Ms. Guillermo has long auburn hair and matching glasses. She is wearing a black dress underneath a beige jacket that has frills on the lapels. She is also wearing hoops for earrings and a ring on the middle finger on both hands. Behind her is a blue screen background. Her demeanor is confident. A banner identifying her as a member of the PSAC2014 appears about 10 seconds into her vlog presentation.

At 1:53, the video fades into the final images of a slide of the Gallaudet University logo on a white background with the PSAC web address followed by another slide with the Gallaudet University logo on the same white background but with the PSAC email address:


Hello. I’m Elvia Guillermo… I am a staff representative on the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC2014).

Recently we reviewed applications for Gallaudet University President. We feel fortunate to receive high interest in the position. This shows the commitment of our community to the future of Gallaudet.

We have begun meeting with individuals with experience and skills that closely match both Gallaudet University’s needs at this time and the expectations identified in our community survey and town hall meetings. We feel confident that we have a strong pool of candidates and are ready to start the interview process.

Interviews will happen over the next several months. Afterwards, we will have public campus interviews during the Fall 2015 semester, when everyone is back on campus.

In addition to sharing this update, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in the search process by:
– Responding to the survey
– Attending town halls
– Submitting comments via email
– Encouraging individuals to apply
– Formally nominating individuals
– Or submitting your own application…

We express our thanks to each one of you

We look forward to your continued support throughout the search process.

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