Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” in American Sign Language

This is an American Sign Language version of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” made accessible to native ASL users. This music video was created with a 100% deaf cast and crew. All of the performers in this music video are also a part of Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening.” We did this out of love and support for #deaftalent everywhere who are always in need of job opportunities in the entertainment industry.

SEE Behind the Scenes Video HERE:


The three most popular universities that deaf and hard of hearing students attend can be seen in the video:

Gallaudet University – Washington DC (represented by the Buff and Blue blanket)

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)- Rochester, New York (T-shirt hung on the wall to the upper right corner)

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)- Northridge, California (T-shirt worn by Treshelle Edmond, CSUN Alumni)

This video also recognizes a deaf-owned relay service, Convo Relay, which is represented by the green shirt with a picture of the sign for “proud.”

By Mara, a deaf owned fashion company based out of New York City, is represented by the T-shirt with the “I love you” handshape worn by performer Karla Gutierrez.

Glide is a video texting app that is popular among the deaf community. The logo can be seen on a blue hat on top of the lamp or worn by Joshua Castille in the end credits.



Directed & Edited by
Jules Dameron

Produced by
Nick Zerlentes

Director of American Sign Language
Kailyn Aaron-Lozano

Choreography by
Joey Antonio

Production Design by
Joshua Castille

Miles Barbee
Sandra Mae Frank
Amelia Hensley
Karla Gutierrez
Joshua Castille
Treshelle Edmond
Joey Antonio

This video is not monetized. We do not own any rights to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song.”

Filmed in April 2015.

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