Fighting for Literacy for Deaf Children: An Awareness created by LEAD-K.

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Today, the Deaf and Hearing Network kicked-off their first of five-part story about LEAD-K. The first of their five part stories introduces coverage of LEAD K.  In this video, three women tell us about LEAD-K, an organization working towards getting all Deaf children Kindergarten ready. These women share their personal stories as to why they decided to join the LEAD-K campaign. What is their fight? What awareness are they trying to bring to the public?

These women believe that we need to start using English AND ASL when teaching Deaf children instead of English OR ASL.

Next week, they will be looking at people who’ve successfully grown up with English and ASL, as well as those who grew up oral and now look back wishing they had learned ASL.

Watch their video below to learn more!

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