7 Things You’ll Love about The Kiss

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For those of you who haven’t seen The Kiss by Charlie Swinbourne, this is a must see short film that is quite hilarious and it’s British humor, you just can’t miss it. Within two days…48 hours…The Kiss has amassed over 24,000 views! Here’s 7 Things You’ll Love about The Kiss:

1. The story-line is totally unexpected. Seriously, you will find yourself thinking, “I hope I never find myself in this dating situation, yet, this is so funny!”.

2. Actors/actress did a excellent job. You couldn’t ask for a better cast!

3. Typical stereotypes are put in reverse. The hearing assumptions of deaf people and the deaf assumptions of hearing people are shown perfectly in this short film.

4. The “actual” Kiss…is awesome and somewhat awkward. Yet, it a great way to convey to people about their assumptions of deaf culture is quite wrong. Even, when the timing is perfect a perfect prank may arise.

5. One of the most lovable scene in this short film is how “Ben” is flubbing about himself. It’s hilarious and spot-on about lonely guys who are dating via the internet trying to find a suitable mate. “I call the evenings ‘Ben’ time. Just looking for that…last piece of the puzzle to…spend some Ben time with me!”

6. If there’s one dirty sign (note: it’s the only dirty sign in the film) that everyone wants to know in either ASL or BSL, you’re gonna find out in this short film. The way this scene was done is just perfect since it allows the audience to grasp the meaning and have fun with it as well.

7. Lastly, we just know you will fall in love with this short film. Either you love it or you hate it. There’s absolutely no room to be in the middle.

More about The Kiss:

The Kiss, which was written and directed by Charlie Swinbourne, premiered at Bradford International Film Festival 2014 and won Best Film and Best Scriptwriter at Spain’s Basque Region Festival of Sign Language Arts in 2014.

The cast are: Matt Kirby, Deepa Shastri, Ben Green and Chloe Gilgallon. Crew: Ted Evans (Camera), Stephen Collins (2nd Camera), Alan O’Duffy (Sound). Creative Adviser: Caglar Kimyoncu

Watch more of the comedies and dramas Charlie Swinbourne has created, including Coming Out, Hands Solo and Four Deaf Yorkshiremen here: http://charlieswinbourne.com/films/. His new documentary Found will be shown on the BSL Zone website (http://bslzone.co.uk) from 18th June 2015.

The Kiss has also been shown at: Shuffle Festival (London) 2014, Ilkley Literature Festival 2014, The Other Film Festival 2014, The Irish Deaf Film Festival 2014, MINCASOR Deaf Film Festival 2015 (Madrid), 30th Biennal of Theatre and Film for Deaf people 2015 (Barcelona), ReelAbilities: NY Disabilities Film Festival 2015 (New York), Ankara Accessible Film Festival 2015 (Turkey), Picture This Film Festival 2015 (Calgary, Canada), Bosifest 2015 (Serbia), Cinedeaf 2015 (Rome), Deaffest 2015 (UK, Nominated for Best British Film).

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