ASL Mythbusters

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On Friday, April 17, 2015, exactly a month ago, Deaf and Hearing Network (DHN) kicked off the first of a five-part story about LEAD-K. LEAD-K is about advocating for both English and ASL within the education system for children who are are deaf/hard of hearing. They are advocating that both English and ASL together will increase the likelihood of success for children who are deaf/hard of hearing.

Three days ago, DHN released their fifth and final story about how they stand with Deaf Children’s Right to Language. In their final story, they interview two professionals in the field that prove why a number of ASL myths are wrong. The video is dubbed, “ASL Mythbusters” and they interview two professionals who DE-mythify how ASL hurts auditory brain tissue, ASL hurts kids ability to speak, or more importantly, that deaf kids graduate with a 4th grade reading level.

Want to know know the answers?

We’re not gonna spoil that for you. In fact, it’s better to watch the video and educate yourself.

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