Bilingualism At Its Finest: ASL and English

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Today, the Deaf and Hearing Network introduced their third of five-part story about LEAD-K. We reported the first of their five part stories that introduce coverage of LEAD K. The second of their five part stories (below) in which we learn that experts tell us how the brain works when it doesn’t develop properly and when it does. Their solution?

Giving Deaf children access to both ASL and English leads to healthy development and should be part of every child’s learning process from day one.

Now, in the third part of the series, we learn about how two women who are deaf that grew up using ASL and English. In this video, we see how these two women grew up. They tell us about their experiences where they say that their parents wanted to give everything so they could choose what was best for them while growing up as well as later on in life.

Be sure to be on the lookout for next week when DHN will introduce you to a co-founder of LEAD-K who grew up orally and started signing later in life!

Feel free to leave comments and/or share your stories about when you were growing up and whether or not you believe that ASL and English is best for your children. 

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