Breaking News! Father of VRS, Ed Bosson, loses home in recent flood!

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Ed Bosson, father of VRS, lost his home of 14 years on May 23rd. His home overlooked the Blanco River from 150 feet away and that night, realized that they needed to get to higher ground. According to their GoFundMe page, it was an intense night:

He and Lisa quickly decided that they needed to get themselves and their dogs to a safer, higher ground. Fortunately, they had the keys to their neighbor’s two-story vacation house. They brought one of their dogs next door and as soon as they returned, the water had already crept in their house and came up to their ankles. They found the other dog and went back to the neighbor’s house. Then Ed and Lisa tried to salvage what they could from their home, but the water was flooding the house at an alarming rate, so they hurried to the upstairs of their neighbor’s home and waited for help to come. A firetruck appeared at a far distance but didn’t see Ed and Lisa’s flashlight signals. Despaired, they agreed to take turns in sleeping and keeping watch through the night. After the water went down some hours later, another firetruck approached and this time, Ed and Lisa’s flashlight signals caught the firemen’s attention. The firemen finally rescued Ed, Lisa, and their dogs early Sunday morning. Another neighbor that lived on higher ground got Ed and Lisa to stay with them for the night and graciously took in the dogs.

In one day, over $16,000 has been raised, yet, they are in need of getting over $30,000 to help rebuild their lives, to start over again. 
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