Exclusive: Ed Bosson wants you to support Sabrina Blount!

Written by Thomsen Young and you can follow him @
After only two days, in an amazing feat, Ed Bosson and his wife was able to fund over $30 thousands dollars through GoFundMe website after his and his wife ordeal with nature that wreak havoc on his home. TSG reported on both stories as you can read here and here.

Yet, in a special message, he is asking for your support to support Sabrina Blount.

TSG highly encourages you to follow Ed Bosson leadership and start donating toward Sabrina Blount cause as well.

To our community, your support has been incredible and Ed and Lisa are beyond grateful. Watch the video from Ed and Lisa expressing their gratitudes.  We now ask you to extend our support for a person that needs our attention and financial help. Sabrina Blount is a young woman who has suffered severe injuries from a hate crime and will undergo several operations to be able to recover. Your support for Sabrina is much needed.  Go to: http://www.gofundme.com/tg85nsks 
Thank you for your kindness.

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