ADA25: #17 of 25 — Recreation

[Video description can be found below. If you use a screen reader and need to access the caption file transcript, go to “More…” and click on “Transcript”]

If you enjoy going to an NFL football game, watch NAD intern Tyler Pugeda share about how the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires such venues to provide access. View the entire #ADA25 series at

Video begins with an off white vintage background. Three black and white photos appear. First photo shows a group of people marching, one holds a NAD poster. Second photo shows another group of people marching, one holds a poster “We Shall Overcome.” Third photo shows President Bush signing the Americans with Disabilities Act. Text appears “ADA25 — Americans with Disabilities Act”. Video flashes to white then to Tyler Pugeda inside NAD Headquarters. On bottom left corner, “#ADA25” appears as a light watermark. On bottom right corner, the NAD logo appears, also as a light watermark.

TYLER: The NAD has worked hard over the past 25 years to make sure deaf and hard of hearing people have the same access as hearing people when it comes to recreational activities. One area we’ve focused on is sports. For example, NFL Football. Watching on TV, we know all that is going on because of the closed captioning. But what about in stadiums? The NAD has sued a number of different places because the football stadium didn’t provide captioning during games. The NAD sued the Washington Redskins and now they provide captions at every game. If you’d like to get the sports teams in your area to provide captioning, you should let the NAD know. The NAD can help to make sure your area stadiums are 100% accessible. We want all deaf and hard of hearing people to enjoy equal access to all recreational activities.

Video fades to a gradient background with dark blue to light blue, a grey National Association of the Deaf (NAD) logo is centered. White text below the logo appears, “A production of the National Association of the Deaf (copyright) 2015 All Rights Reserved” with four teal social media icons, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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