“I love you” emoji in ASL. Should it happen?

ASL emojis
Should we have ASL emojis?

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There is a petition from change.org called,”We Want the “I Love You” ASL handshape in emoji. As you might have noticed, people all over the world are going “emoji-crazy”! Thus, two people have started a petition to include the popular “I love you” hand sign as a emoji. Of course, of all places, they’re from Portland, Oregon. CM Hall and Chad A Ludwig started this petition toward the Unicode Consortium, which is a non-profit organization that regulates the coding standards and one of those standards are emojis. They believe that the “I Love You” hand shape should be available in text applications.

There are hand shapes that people can use in emoji’s such as peace, thumbs up or down, face palm, fist bumps, up and down, however, there’s really not much actually ASL emoji that can be actually used. CM and Chad wants to change that, at least, just start with one, the insanely popular “I Love You” handshape that is used all over the world.

“I Love You” is one sign expressed in American Sign Language (ASL) and it has moved into the mainstream with wider universal understanding and acceptance among those who sign and those who do not (yet). Up until now, the best folks can do to recreate it by symbol is Iii/ and that really doesn’t do the meaning justice.

Thus, it has already gathered over 635 supporters, with a goal of getting at least 1,000 supporters.

Let’s use the power of social media and help them not get 1,000 supporters….let’s try to get them 10,000 supporters! This is a great idea and I think thousands, if not millions of people would love to use this simple emojis to express their love.

A simple gesture can change the world and how you feel about someone that you care about.

Make it happen. Sign this petition and share it with your families and friends!

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