“UpTown Funk” Awesome Rendition in ASL by Brian Guendling

Brian Guendling sharing food with a deer.
Brian Guendling sharing food with a deer.

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Brian Gundling is a football player that plays for Texas State, yet he pull off an amazing rendition of “UpTown Funk” in ASL. In this performance, he calls it the “First Sign Language Concert Ever” and with the help of what appears to be the Hot Cops and friends, pulled off a fun and entertaining version of “UpTown Funk” in ASL.

Brian didn’t always have it easy growing up; he had two uncles that suffered from blindness and were mentally handicapped. Brian also struggled during his younger years as he went through special education programs growing up.

When my Mom got pregnant with me the doctors told her that there was a good possibility I was going to be just like my dad’s brothers due to test results. I didn’t speak until age 4 and growing up in pre-school all the way to my senior year of high school I was enrolled in the Special Education Program. I would get pulled out of class 3 times a week to work on my grammar as well as my memory with other special needs students. I was around them so much I grew a passion for them and loved being around them. During my junior year of high school I had to take a foreign language class and decided to take American Sign Language at the local University.

He writes how he fell in love with ASL and the Deaf Community and how he found out how hard and difficult is it for deaf people to enjoy a live concert.

Currently I play college football for Texas State University and I have met a wonderful group of deaf people here. I drive an hour away a few days out of the week to hang out with them. I ask them all, “Do you guys want to go out to the bars with me?” and they all respond, “Why when we cannot associate ourselves with the crowd and it would be awkward for us to just stand in the corner of the bar?”. Then I asked other deaf people in Texas and California if they have ever been to a concert. ALL responded “NO”!! But every single one of them replied that they would WANT TO ATTEND A CONCERT! When I told them about my idea of performing sign language during concerts they all got so excited, and told me to do it. Remember the deaf are NO DIFFERENT THEN WE ARE. The fact that the year 2015 is here and they have not been able to enjoy club life and concerts UPSETS ME. For all the hearing, we can all agree that most of the friends, girlfriends/ boyfriends, and memories you have made is because of nightlife. My love for the deaf community goes THROUGH THIS ROOF.

Guess what, his video is going through the roof! Check it out!

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