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For the longest time, Ricky Taylor has been known has one of the most controversial bloggers that is deaf, gay and is known by the code name Ridor9th. Yet, somehow, in the last two days, he has managed to cross the line and now, the internet is hungry for his blood. In fact, people are going to social media to out him, to castrate him and to weed him out of their lives. A hashtag, #blockRickyTaylor is going viral and it’s going viral because people are sick, tired, and just absolutely becoming disgusted with Ricky Taylor’s cyber-bullying tactics that are belligerent, childish, and quite exploitative of people’s personal lives all for the gain of getting personal attention.

If you go on Facebook and enter #blockRickyTaylor, there are thousands of people who are posting to have their families and friends to #blockRickyTaylor, but there are even more personal stories of those who were bullied, insulted, and/or even psychologically abuse by Ricky Taylor.

Why now?

ricky taylor outting nyle dimarco

Ricky Taylor decided to reveal the sexuality of a highly influential member of the deaf community, Nyle DiMarco. Nyle DiMarco recently is on the show, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) and is considered to be the second (there’s speculation that he’s not the first here) deaf model. Nevertheless, he has inspired thousands if not millions of people all over the world as he contends with other models to be crowned the next America’s Next Top Model. Ricky Taylor decided to leak the information that Nyle DiMarco is gay. Yet, it is interesting to notice that Nyle DiMarco outed himself (or in other words, came out of the closet) in June. Nevertheless, it’s not that people are upset with Ricky Taylor outing Nyle DiMarco as gay, it’s how he went about it that has people riled up and pissed off. They are so upset that they are calling everyone to unsubscribe to his YouTube videos, un-follow him on Twitter and even calling for their friends and families to un-friend him on Facebook. The attack on Nyle DiMarco was so personal that people who were once associated with Ricky Taylor are coming out with their personal stories of how they were personally attacked, bullied and suffered psychological abuse from Ricky Taylor.

What does #blockRickyTaylor have to do with community accountability?

Everything. For far too long, Ricky Taylor has used his position to enable himself to say whatever he wanted to say under the assumption that what he was saying was “most likely” true. Yet, it’s hard to say what he was saying is true especially if we don’t have the other person viewpoint or their point of perception. Yet, now with social media, people are starting to come out to share their stories of how they were bullied, attacked and how Ricky Taylor has been misleading his audience.

Don’t take my word for it, watch some of their stories below.

"Rictimized"I promised myself that I WILL NOT share my personal stories again when I made a choice to come back to vlogging. But those last few days, regarding Ricky Taylor and taking stand together, I decided that I will do this one more time. This was hard for me to stand up and share my stories again. This video is not for people with no conscience since I would hate to be responsible for wasting your time. This video is raw, just so you know.*TRIGGER WARNING*#BLOCKRickyTaylor———-Transcript———-Hello. This video is not, again, NOT for people that does not have conscience. If you do not have it, I do not want to waste your time so you can move along now. Now, you can see my title, “Rictimized” clearly mean the group of people who was victimized by Ricky Taylor.Before I get to that, I want to put the focus on people who made posts, comments sharing their experience about what happened to them and their friends and so on. Many has shared their feelings, opinions and tips to take up on community accountability but then I noticed this another tiny group who thought it was stupid, thought so little of the term “Community Accountability”, told to simply ignore Ricky Taylor and called us crybabies. I noticed that and I think it might be divided to three possibilities of why that tiny group reacted that way.1. Ignorance. They do not know what’s going on. 2. It did not happen to them personally yet. They have no clue what its like.3.They are exactly like Ricky Taylor, bashing people, does not care and enjoyed it. I winced at that and I hope it’ll help them to understand better of why we are getting together as a group against Ricky Taylor for the reasons which is apparent but was it just because Ricky bullied Nyle DiMarco? No, it was when we have had enough of bullying, he already has been doing that for years. Nyle was just the last straw, and we are fed up with his bullying antics. Ricky Taylor may be just a person that amounts to nothing but his words are powerful and hurtful, his words alone has hurt so many people, their families and friends. He is well-known in the deaf community. He had a role in the community so yes, his words were more effective than a person next to him since he has followers and fans. He himself has ruined so many people’s reputation. He has spread many information about people’s personal lives and their private information. Why? Because he can. He has re-victimized many who shared their stories, journeys and he used these to throw it back to them. It did happen to me about 4-5 years ago, I made a total of 3 videos which was such an important step to my journey of healing. It was so hard for me to do these videos, it even took me a while to muster up the nerve, weighing the decision if I should or shouldn’t, the battle of emotions and it wasn’t easy. I even had to remember the feelings I had back then, ugh! I am going to sum up the three videos I made.I shared a story of my experience as a cutter when I was a teen. In a way, educate others that as a cutter is not a suicidal behavior but rather to feel the pain when everything goes numb or when there was so much pain that I want to transfer to the flesh pain instead of the emotional pain I was experiencing. The second video explained why I was a cutter and why I have depression. The molestation of my father has triggered it. It wasn’t easy and I was seeking for support and receive feedback from the support group. Over 10 years after the incident, it still affects me so I decided to open that up in hopes of liberating myself. At the same time, it was considered a community accountability because at that time, my father was still teaching bible class and bothering young women. Many young women has contacted me to tell me to tell him to stop bothering them. These young women did not realize that every time I get messages about my father, I got re-victimized because then I remember what he did so the emotions flared up all over again and again. So I made a video to stop him from doing it again. The second video was the hardest but yes, I got a lot of support and validation from those who saw some of unfavorable things my father has done. I got assured that I’m not making it up, overreacting or even delusional about the incident because when it happened back then, many did not believe me thinking my father was a good and funny guy. The video has helped me to reconnect to the witnesses who also saw and reassured me. Thank you. I was relieved. I opened up my experience as a victim from one of my ex, I was mentally, verbally, emotionally and even financially abused. These three videos was the most revealing videos I ever made in 5 years of vlogging. So when I disagreed with Ricky Taylor, guess what happened? He regarded me as having a serious mental health issues and that I needed help. (a side note, there’s nothing wrong with some counseling help, even psychologists have their own psychologist) It is how he said it, like its a bad thing. So, Ricky’s followers cheered him on and told me the same thing. They even told me to go and kill myself, go to mental institution and so on. With my healing journeys of these three videos, they used it against me over a disagreement? That is when I decided 2 years ago is to make a video with the exact same title I have now, “Rictimized” and assured those who was victimized by Ricky to stand strong, stay strong and avoid him at all cost because it is who he is. Ricky has made it clear that he enjoyed people’s misfortunes, misery and pain which he said so himself. It has became pointless to continue trying to interact with him which is what I told others in my old video. What happened next was oh boy, I did became afraid of him but reassured myself that I did not do anything wrong. Ricky decided to get back at me by telling everybody,” Its no wonder your father beats her up which has caused her mental illness. That also explains why her brother also beats her up.” What he said was just twisting the whole experience up and made it untrue. Next, Ricky has also proudly announced in his vlog,” I have contacted a friend that knows Dolly’s parents and said that the molestation was not true, Dolly is lying the entire time.” I was crushed, I admit, I even cried. I felt re-victimized all over again after what I’ve gone through, the suffering. The times I was scared as a teen and did not get help from my own family because they did not believe me so I had to get help from my extended family. Those trips to the psychologists’ office was draining already to ensure that I was not lying about the molestation. The nerve of his to announce the accusations which sets me back. I even asked my former caretaker to make sure there was actually court documents of why I was being pulled out of my home and even in the papers has stated it was because of what my father has done. I also contacted my family’s friend who knew my father since they are little kids to confirm what did happen and the friend assured me that I did nothing wrong and what my father did was real. It was the last vlog I watched that was made by Ricky. It was awful and even my girlfriend Hek had to tolerate the blowback that while I was going through that, she felt my pain, and has supported me. It was sickening that Ricky had to put me back to the first stage of self-doubts but luckily, I recovered from the Ricky’s attack. Yes, I still have nightmares about my father so Ricky’s words…yes, it did affected my life and thanks to him, I continued to suffer. So, when I see people who rolled their eyes at us taking an action, they needs to wake up! What Ricky did was a lot more than a simple insult or belittling people, he takes out your dark times, your secrets then throws it back at you. That’s my point. He needs to be stopped. So, I’m glad that now people are getting together to stand against him. Thank you so much.(a lot of emotional pauses) I’m done with him. I stand with you, yes. …against him. He needs to be stopped.

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This is community accountability. This is the power of social media. Community accountability is a social media tools to allow their communities to address violence including cyber-bullying, domestic violence, sexual violence and even psychological abuse. This is why #blockRickyTaylor = Community Accountability is the best thing the community can do to let Ricky Taylor know that his kind of behavior will not be tolerated within the community.

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For more, just type #blockRickyTaylor in Facebook or Twitter search to find out the latest on what’s going on. Last we heard, Ricky Taylor is reaching out to Nyle DiMarco to apologize, but from how the rate of how #blockRickyTaylor is going, it might be awhile.

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