SB210 Passes in CA Assembly

Historic moment in the California Assembly!
Today SB210 has passed in the California Assembly. This bill will ensure that all Deaf and Hard of Hearing children are kindergarten-ready. Watch as for the first time in California history Assemblymember Gallagher explains the bill directly on the floor in American Sign Language.
Senate Bill 210 by Senator Galgiani Special Education.
Mr. Gallagher you may present.
ASM. Gallagher: Ms. Speaker, members, I present to you today in sign language, ASL, in support of SB 210. A bill that will help Deaf children to have success and opportunity. I’m a little rusty in my ASL so bear with me a little bit. This bill will help establish language benchmarks for Deaf kids from birth through 5 years old. This is important for me because I have 2 Deaf brothers, and I think it’s important to all of us because we want to ensure opportunity for all kids. Thank you and I ask for your support for SB 210. Thank you.
(GIGGLES) Seeing no debate. The Clerk will open the roll. All those in favor. All members vote who desire to vote. The clerk will close the roll and tally the votes. Aye’s 75 No’s 0. Measure passes.

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