Bethany Gehman is back with her popular series on “Sex Education in ASL“. It is a highly important talk and discussion that is needed within the Deaf Culture. It’s been a year since the last time she posted, for obvious reason, you know, life. However, in her video, she presented that she will have a new format in her new vlog(s). Bethany signs that she’s decided to make this change because, based on the feedback that she got from her audience, she wanted to make a two-way connection with her viewers.

This has motivated me to develop a two-way connection with my viewers and at the same time, provide sex education resources in ASL. Guided by the viewers’ question, this series will discuss topics such as sexual health, LGBTQ, identities, gender issues, and more. Email me your question(s) and I will try my best to find reliable and accurate information.

In this video, she doesn’t quite talk into details about sex education, however, she is sharing with her audience that she will keep all their individuals contact information confidential and if there are topics that they want her input on, she would be more than happy to discussion those issues. Bethany plans on to discuss issues on sexual health, LGBTQ, identities, gender issues and who knows what else that she might have in store. However, what is important, is that these discussion can be a taboo topic within the Deaf Community. Why, well, no one really knows.

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Thomsen Young

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