Treshelle Edmond upclose face shotWe interviewed Treshelle Edmond at the beginning of the year on January 15th 2015 and the interview that we had with her was amazing. Now Treshelle is at an amazing place where she has blossomed and grown. Treshelle is now at one of the highest stage in acting in terms of acting…on Broadway in New York City! We had some questions for her and we’d talked about her experience from being in the National Football League Super Bowl signing the National Anthem and now how she is on Broadway on a show called Spring Awakening.

What does it feel like to going from the National Football League Super Bowl national anthem signer to being in a supporting role on Spring Awakening?

I was actually in the first run of Spring Awakening at ICA in Downtown Los Angeles before I did the Super Bowl. Someone saw me perform and said I should audition. I ended up auditioning twice and that’s how I got to be the ASL Performer at Super Bowl.  Then our second run at the Wallis Theatre in Beverly Hills became successful and transferred to Broadway. Now this third run on Broadway at Brooks Atkinson Theatre and it feels incredible! I am so honored to be a part of this Spring Awakening production. This has all been such a blessing.

Did you envision this happening when you were young?

I can’t necessarily say that I envisioned this specifically happening when I was young but I always knew in my heart that I was special and that I would excel in anything I did. I always stood out and was different and I always wanted to sing. Who knew I would be singing/signing on Broadway!

Treshelle Edmond acting.

Did you see yourself at 25 being on Broadway with some of the biggest stars?

I didn’t start off acting in the theatre so I can’t really say I thought I would be on Broadway with such big stars at this age but I kind of always felt like I was special in our family. I just know I love what I do and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What do you think of Spring Awakening being extended for another 2 weeks on Broadway?

It deeply touches my heart because I know that we have done an amazing job showing what Spring Awakening is all about. It was a big surprise for all of us!

When you were doing your role as Martha in LA, did you ever think that you would be in flying out to New York to be on Broadway?

I was hoping the play would go to New York to Broadway but didn’t think it would happen so fast. Then all of a sudden Spring Awakening is going on Broadway. I just knew that the play we did impacted our audience since we were going to be on Broadway. Thank you so much to Ken Davenport, Michael Arden, Cody Lassen, and DJ Kurs.

So far you guys have been doing previews for Spring Awakening, opening day is 6 days away and how are you feeling about it? Are you excited? are you nervous? Are you thrilled?  Tell us how you feel.


What’s it like working with the some of the biggest stars on television?

It is like being in another world and I totally love it. Everyone is so into their own characters and it is fun to watch how everyone transforms from their regular self into this amazing character on Broadway to show what the story is all about.

Who are some of the people that you love working with now?

I love working with everyone! Our entire cast is amazing! With the addition of Russell Harvard, Camryn Manheim , Marlee Matlin, and Patrick Page, I totally love them too! They are so serious and funny and amazing at all same time and fit right in with the cast.  🙂

What do you think will be surprising to your audience on opening night?

I have to say you will see how much we have grown and see the heart of Spring Awakening.

Is there anyone special that you would like to thank for experiences you are having now?

I thank Michael Arden for asking me “what do I think”, without that question I wouldn’t have the opportunity to let myself out.

What do you love about Martha?

I love Martha’s constancy to live her life and accept the bad no matter what happens. We can all relate to her story.  I love that I can empathize and connect to her and be inspired to be stronger. Her spirit is enlightening and I’m inspired by her strength.

How deep do you get into your character? There’s been so many version of Martha…what makes this one more special?

Michael Arden and Steven Stater told me that this is her only moment that she needs to reveal. She has kept this secret for so long and accepts that it is heart breaking. I have my own personal experiences that I can relate to and draw from. I show the heart of Martha the best I can.

You just turned 25. What does that mean to you? What are your next aspirations?

Still living my life the best way I can do! I am humbled to have as much success as I have at the age of 25. I can’t say what’s next but I know it’ll be coming from my heart.



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