We reported on October 20th, 2015, that John Maucere announced on his Facebook fan page that he will be starting a new segment called 58 Sec News with SuperDeafy. According to his picture/status page, this will be mostly parody news focusing on current events. Well, we just found out that it has been delayed to meet….Deaf Standard Time. Yeah, we know. Parody at it’s best.

So, with the new DST time (Deaf Standard Time) be on the lookout for the only 58 freaking seconds of parody news at DST – Deaf Standard Time! The video will be released on October 23, 2015 – the following day at the time of 11:58 A.M. Be ready to watch 58 Sec News with SuperDeafy! Our biggest bet, 30 seconds will be on oogling Nyle DiMarco and the rest of the time wondering if John Maucere will fly around like Superman. Don’t count on it….


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