Even you can Feel The Music! Sponsored: AT&T – Feel The Music

feel the music campaignWhat if you were able to build a social project designed to expand musical access to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community? What would you do to allow them to celebrate, take part and share their love music?  As we all know, music is a universal language…it crosses unlimited boundaries…it allows us to dig deep into our souls…and lastly, it allows us to communicate how we feel about issues, feelings, and how our hearts get broken. Communication. That’s the key. Music allows us to communicate with each other…even in pure silence. Thus, this is the big idea that AT&T had when they decided to start the Feel The Music program.

How do you build a social project to help people who are hearing, deaf, hard of hearing, or even deaf-blind to experience music all on the same level? That is what Feel The Music project is all about. It’s an innovative, first of its kind, social project designed to get musician, artists, and fans to collaborate together to celebrate their experiences and love of music.

Six People You’ll Love in D-PAN and AT&T Newest Project talked about those who were involved in the process of making the ASL video “Subway Serenade” that featured the hit single, “Different Colors” by WALK THE MOON who still is in Billboard Top 100 at #24 for their song “Shut Up and Dance”. You’ll learn from that article that the production crew was mostly artists from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

AT&T supports the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community in some amazing ways. First, they are always on the lookout to creating innovative and accessible solutions. They support companies using their network as long as they offer smartphones and tablets that allows accessibility such as adjustable font and magnification to closed captioning on video playback. Advancement such as these will always allow people with hearing, vision, mobility, speech and cognitive disabilities to get any information they need to succeed in whatever they choose to endeavor!

Join in this innovating, social project to expand musical access to the Deaf and Hard of Community by submitting your own “Different Colors” ASL video! Anyone can submit their video! All you have to do is create your own ASL video of “Different Colors”, upload to the Feel The Music website, and share the link socially with their friends for a chance to win a trip to a WALK THE MOON concert in December. At the concert, winners will also enjoy a VIP experience with the band. Anyone can upload their video here and official contest rules can be found here.

AT&T worked with the Deaf Professional Arts Network to build awareness for the community and create an American Sign Language (ASL) video. The video rocks the song ‘Different Colors’ by WALK THE MOON. This project will be going from October 2 through November 29, so what are you waiting for? Enter the Feel The Music contest and submit your own unique ASL “Different Colors” music video and win a chance to win a trip for two for VIP passes to see the band, WALK THE MOON at a live musical event!

If you don’t want to make a ASL video, still feel free to spread the good vibes by tagging your friends using @ATT, @ConnectToGood) or Facebook and use the #FeelTheMusic to get your family members, friends and fans involved! Have fun!


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