90s Reality BitesNN Duos: What are the Fashion trends happening this Autumn/Winter 2015-2016?

After doing our research scoping out retail/boutique floors, we are sensing a 90s Reality Bites surge for this Autumn/Winter 2015-2016.

Remember the 90s fashion? Well we certainly do, from the ripped jeans of Wayne’s World, to the grunge flannel looks from Pearl Jam. Or what about the preppy look from Clueless and the BabyDolls from Beverly Hills 91201?! We are nostalgic for those good, but cheesy TV, movies & bands. Well now these fashion items are everywhere in the retail/boutiques floor. A lot of plaid skirts, denim high waists, neon colors, floral dresses and over the knee socking.

Our question to you: What type of 90s girl are you? Preppy Diva, Babydoll Sweet or Tomboy Chic. Check out these 3 looks, available now for purchase in stores like Urban Outfitters, Asos, Zara, and Rock Equities.

Preppy Diva:

1 & 4: www.urbanoutfitters.com

2: www.zara.com

3: www.asos.com

Babydoll Sweet:

5, 6 & 7: www.urbanoutfitters.com

8: www.forever21.com

Tomboy Chic:

9: www.urbanoutfitters

10 & 11: www.rocketiuette.com

12: www.asos.com

Leave us a comment on what you think what kind of 90s girl you are! 🙂

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