As we mentioned on Friday night during the Pre-event of DICE/Nyle DiMarco fundraising event,¬†excitement at the Pick 6 bar was high in anticipation of Nyle DiMarco arrival. With over 190 people who signed up online and over 110 people who walked through the door, DCARA President Steve Longo stated, “This is the first time in many years that we’ve had over 300 people come and show up to a fundraising event for DCARA”. Steve Longo heard that Nyle DiMarco was coming into to town two weeks ago and with the approval of the DCARA Board of Director, Steve organized this event with the partnership of ASLFilms and called it DICE (Deaf International Celebrity Empowerment).

With the anticipation of Nyle DiMarco being one of the two finalists on America’s Next Top Model, fans from all over the SF Bay Area came to see Nyle DiMarco in person. The event started on Deaf Standard Time of around 7pm. Once fan were checked in at the door, they got to pose for two pictures, one serious and one fun/silly picture in front of the DCARA/DICE/ASLFilms stage as you can see in the video below. What was unique about this event was that it was family-friendly which meant that the kids were allowed until 9pm to be apart of the event.

Anna Kramer of KRA Imagedesign Photography and Rex Barlow a freelance photographer (he’s also a volunteer photographer for California School for the Deaf) volunteered their time to take these awesome and memorable pictures of this once in a lifetime event of meeting Nyle DiMarco in person.

Around 8ish of Deaf Standard Time, fans were starting to get alittle feisty and they were wondering when Nyle DiMarco would come out. Yet, most of the crowd were enjoying their time seeing old friends and making new friends as well. Many were posing for pictures and enjoying having a drink or two. As you can see from this high shot, many were enjoying this once in a lifetime event to not only see Nyle DiMarco, but to support a highly respectable organization, DCARA (Deaf Counseling Advocacy and Referral Agency) and the great work they have done to serve the Deaf Community.

We interviewed two of the volunteers that were working at this event and they told us why they wanted to volunteer…of course, their number one reason: Just to see the handsome and beautiful, Nyle DiMarco.

Our first volunteer was Sandra

Our second interview was with Ruby:

After the interviews, we noticed that the NBA Basketball game was on and some of the kids were watching this while they were waiting for Nyle. Should we say, we caught Stephen Curry on his trademark 3-pointer, but we also think having the basketball game on was a great way for the fans and for kids to be entertained while they wait for Nyle DiMarco to come out. Little did they know that they would be in for a bigger surprise.

Around 8:30ish Deaf Standard Time, fans started to notice some activity going on in the back and that’s when they realized that Nyle was getting ready to come out.

As Nyle walked out, fans were asking for his autograph and trying to get selfie pictures of him on their smartphones. Nyle’s bodyguards did a good job of making sure that the craziness around him didn’t hurt Nyle or those around him. Nyle was all-smiles going through the crowd and enjoying every moment of his hard work to becoming famous within the Deaf Community.

Before presenting Nyle DiMarco to the crowd, Melvin Patterson, worked as the host of the event. He introduced Steve Longo to the crowd where Steve Longo asked for the crowd to give a moment of silence because they wanted to give respect to the victims of those who were killed or injured in the bombing/shooting that took place in Paris. After the moment of silence, Steve Longo wanted to convey a message of Peace. So he started off with by signing the song, “Get Together” by the Youngbloods.

After the song, you can see that Nyle DiMarco was enjoying his time with some of his youngest fans while waiting until it was his turn to speak in front of the crowd.

Now, what you’ve been waiting for. What everyone else was waiting for. Nyle DiMarco to take the stage and he didn’t disappoint.

Yet, what they didn’t expect was that Nyle DiMarco would bring some of his closest modeling friends with him and share this special event with them as well as his fans!

Screenshot 2015-11-22 at 10.48.58 PM

After Nyle’s speech, between 9pm and 10pm, majority of the crowd watched the America’s Next Top Model and mingled with each other. The kids were not allowed in the main area, however, they were allowed to pose pictures with Nyle in the dinning area during commercials while Nyle was watching the America’s Next Top Model with his friends. After 10pm, for those who wanted to pose pictures with Nyle and his model friends, with limited spaces, had to pay between $20-60 for pictures.

With the event coming at a close around 11pm, Nyle and the gang called it a night. Yet, for everyone else, it will be a night they will never forget. Yes, a night filled with desperate, wild and crazy hands for America’s Next Top Model, Nyle DiMarco.



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