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Lately, TSG has been silently undergoing some major changes to offer you better services when you visit our website. We apologize for not writing any article lately, but we really wanted to provide services to you that we think would be more beneficial in the long run. We are now more than happy to offer you three new services when you visit TSG: Post a Job,  Submit Your Event, and Forums. These services are free. Yes, free to you, to your companies to your friends and families and to your businesses.   We’ve been working hard to make these services easy to use and to allow you to post upcoming jobs, or to talk about upcoming events that will be awesome. We want TSG to the be #1 place for you to look and find out about the latest current news, events and jobs that is out there for you.

How do I submit a job posting?

Easy. Just go to Post a Job and if you’re an organization, sign in and create your own organization sign-in. If you’re not an organization, just fill out the form and submit the job. Most job posting are approved instantaneously, or we need at least 24 hours on some job posting to verity the job posting(s). If you want your job posting posted faster, please email us and we’ll be more than happy to speed up the job postings! (Remember, all job posting is completely free!) However, if you want to promote your job posting(s), please email us to find out what are promotion/advertising fees are.

How do I submit an event?

Just like posting a job, you can post your own event(s). Completely free as well! Just click on Submit an Event and fill out the event information. (if you really need more details check out How to Submit an Event on TSG)  If you’re a new organization, you need to fill that information out as well as well the the place where the event is taking place. What is awesome is that after you fill out that information, we already have that information in our database and next time you have an event, it’s already there for you to submit many more future events to come! You can always email us and we can setup an account for you for future events to make it super easy next time!


Our goal with forums on TSG is that this is your place to write, talk, discuss about topics that you feel strongly about in the deaf community. (You can use pictures, embedded videos, and use whatever medium of communication you need to get your point across) We want you to feel that this is the place for you to reach out to other people if you are having a tough time, if you are struggling and need some advice, or if you just want to find someone that you feel might understand you better. Our forums has the latest technology has to offer. We incorporate bbpress and BuddyPress to offer you a secure way to communicate with others and for you to allow yourself to express yourself freely. You are allowed to create your own topics and reply to others as long as you are a registered member on TSG.

As the founder of TSG, I really want to provide the Deaf Community a wide variety of services that will allow you to communicate with each other all over the world. TSG is not about just #deaftalent but about what we can do to further the education for people to understand what Deaf People all over the world struggle with on a daily basis. I want TSG to be a place for people to find jobs, to share stories about their experiences and to help you find articles on how other Deaf People all over the world is succeeding.

Thank you for being an awesome fan of TSG and we look forward on working with you to make TSG a place you want to call home on the Internet!


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