2015 will be ending soon, however, it should be noted that 2015 will be forever known as the year #deaftalent via Twitter and Facebook made a statement about how amazing talent from people who are deaf can really make a difference. We already posted about the Top Most Viewed Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015, so now via YouTube we also did our research and found the Top Most Viewed ASL Music Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015.

TSG want to nominate Jules Dameron as the Director of the Year for 2015 in her amazing work with ASL Music Videos. If you really look at the numbers, she directed/posted over four major ASL music videos this year (Let it Go, Different Colors, The Lazy Song and Call Me Maybe), of those four major ASL music videos…three of them are in the Top 5 in this list.

  1. Let it Go (197K views)
  2. Different Colors (76K views)
  3. The Lazy Song (65K views)

She’s also one of the leaders of the #FeelTheMusic campaign to get more #deaftalent involved in signing more ASL-related music videos. The #FeelTheMusic campaign has already ended, however, they have picked a winner. We like to congratulate Devin H for being selected as the Grand Prize winner for the #FeelTheMusic campaign!

Again, kudos to Jules Dameron and the D-PAN team for creating inspiration to young ASL Music video creators! TSG is looking forward to another amazing year with the creative inspirations of our young, and talented group of actors, actresses, directors, producers and etc to show the world that we can DO anything except hear!

And now, here are theTop 10 Most Viewed ASL Music Deaf YouTube Videos for 2015.

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