In the last fourteen hours, there’s been a viral campaign going that is starting to catch on, #WHccNow. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Twitter, you use the hashtag (#) to start a conversation or use it to keep a common theme and/or conversation streamlined on Twitter, thus, the idea of “hashtags”. Nevertheless, there was a recent viral campaign called #DeafInTheAir that got some traction when Nyle DiMarco asked American Airlines why they don’t “caption” or subtitles their entertainment in-service flights that we covered in American Airlines tells Nyle DiMarco why they don’t have subtitles and it’s not pretty. 

Now back to the story, #WHccNow might have been inspired by Nyle DiMarco, but it actually wasn’t. Surprise, surprise ladies? Actually, it was spearheaded by Braam Jordaan and his team. Yes, ladies, he’s a pretty good looking chap, but he’s taken by the every beautiful Young Aussie of the Year for 2015, Drisana. You see, this issue has to do with the White House. You know how President Obama is, like, extremely tech savvy, right? Well, one issue that came up is that whenever President Obama or the White House post a video live on social media, there’s no caption. Say what? Yeah, you read that right. In fact, most videos do not have caption until after 24 hours after the videos are posted live on the Internet. And those are the lucky ones. Average time for a video on social media to be caption by the White House might take longer, like, three to four business days.

Well, Braam Jordan wants to change that. In fact, they want all videos that are or will be posted on social media to be captioned before being published on the Internet. He wrote on Buzzfeed that,

“The access is essential for persons to realize their basic right to participate in the governing of their country and live under a system built on informed consent of the citizenry. Access to information is a key to democracy. All videos should also be captioned as soon as it is put up, and not 24 hours later. 24 hours later is not equivalent access.”

Braam Jordaan told TSG, “I started this movement. I could never do this without support from the community. This is a product of wonderful team collaboration. I worked with the lawyers Michael Stein (Stein & Vargas, LLP), Zainab Alkebsi (NAD), Leila Hanaumi (content and adding closed captions to the video) and Jess Thurber (content) and also Jeffrey Beatty for his feedback and support”.

It was interesting to read Twitter responses to this issue via #WHccNow:

Then it really started to get interesting…The Deaf Guy chimed in

Then Nancy Rourke did this…

Then carodoodles did something unique, a live drawing of this for the viral campaign:

Then it got very, very interesting…two of the biggest celebrities in the Deaf Community voiced their thoughts on #WHccNow…any guesses? Dang you guys are good!

Yup Nyle DiMarco used his sexy prowess to sway 79,000 followers to advocate CC at the White House! Hot Damm.

And Marlee Matlin retweeted Braam Jordaan to her smashing 318,000 followers!

marlee Matlin retweet

There you have it in less than 500 words how #WHccNow campaign is now viral.

However, the question still remains: Will the White House caption or not caption their social media videos before posting them live? That my friends, remains to be seen.

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Thomsen Young

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