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Will there be an ASL performer for Super Bowl 50? Most likely, yes. However, nothing has been announced since we first learned that Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers would be going head to head in NFL 50th Super Bowl. Normally, NAD and Pepsi would make an announcement fifteen days prior to the Superbowl. Last year, they posted on Friday, Jan 16th, 2015 and Super Bowl 49 was on Feb 1st, 2015 that Treshelle Edmond was selected to bring ASL to Super Bowl XLIX.

This year, with less than seven days before Super Bowl 50, there has still been no announcement. Why?

Nothing has been updated on neither website or Pepsico website.

An email has been sent to NAD CEO Howard A Rosenblum but we still haven’t gotten a response back.

Update @ Jan 31, 2016 @ 8:09pm: Howard A Rosenblum responded with the following quote:

The NAD cannot make any announcement until the NFL first makes an announcement about the National Anthem and America the Beautiful singers and signer.

Update @ Feb 1, 2016 @9:54pm: Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Team responded to our inquires and we got this response: 

Thank you very much for reaching out.
The NFL is responsible for the selection of all Super Bowl entertainment (pre-game, half time, etc.).
Check here for more information about the Pepsi Halftime show.
Very much appreciate your enthusiasm for Super Bowl 50!
Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Team
 Update @ February 2, 2016, @ 6:55pm: Academy Award Winner Marlee Matlin to perform National Anthem during pregame festivities at Levi’s Stadium for Super Bowl 50


SANTA CLARA, February 2, 2016 – The National Association of the Deaf (NAD), the National Football League, PepsiCo, and CBS are honored to announce that Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin will convey the beauty of American Sign Language (ASL) at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California.

Earlier today, the National Football League and CBS announced that Matlin will be joining Lady Gaga to perform the National Anthem during the Super Bowl 50 pregame festivities on Sunday, February 7, 2016.

“The iconic Marlee Matlin will showcase the beauty of American Sign Language at Super Bowl 50,” said NAD CEO Howard A. Rosenblum. “The National Anthem is a time honored tradition that is accessible to all Americans thanks to the NFL and PepsiCo.”

“We are honored to have Marlee Matlin sign the National Anthem,” said NFL SVP of Social Responsibility Anna Isaacson. “With American Sign Language as part of the pregame festivities, all fans, including those who are deaf and hard of hearing, can enjoy the Super Bowl experience equally.”

The NAD applauds the NFL for its full support for American Sign Language by ensuring that at every Super Bowl, the National Anthem is signed by ASL artists such as Marlee Matlin.

In addition, the NFL and CBS Sports will provide live streaming of Marlee Matlin and her entire performance in the CBS Sports apps for Xbox One and Windows 10, which will offer viewers alternate camera angles in addition to the broadcast coverage.   Further, CBS Sports has ensured that the Super Bowl will be fully captioned including the game as well as all of the exciting national commercials and network promotions. The NAD commends the NFL and CBS Sports for making the Super Bowl an accessible experience.


An email has been sent to Pepsico Corporate Media and we are waiting for their response. As of yesterday, there has been no answer. 


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