We Are NorCal

Watch as NorCal Services for Deaf & Hard of Hearing staff sign our hearts out to our new hip hop music video ‘We Are NorCal.’ We invite everyone in our community to take a brief tour of our headquarters office and learn a little bit about what we do: Empower, Educate, and Advocate for all of our friends in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community.

Please take a look at our We Are NorCal fundraiser page here: http://www.norcalcenter.org/donation/
We are trying to support 3 different areas of NorCal’s vast amount of programs. Communication access and advocacy, programs benefiting kids, and Deaf survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Take a moment to read our success stories and please consider giving towards one of these 3 causes.

For a full video description please click: http://norcal-services-for-deaf-and-hh.tumblr.com/post/139869350789/wearenorcalviddescription

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