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Today, I have a lot to share. Nah. I am a huge fan of short attention span. Which means instead of long messages or stories I make them clear and to the point. I want to give concise, short messages that are short, simple and sweet. For this vlog, I’m condensing a long and heavy topic.

This partial quote is from Republican Senator John McCain.

McCain said, “Protecting the rights of persons with disabilities, ANY persons, is not a political issue. It is a human issue.”

John Kerry, a democrat, spoke that if we approve this international treaty then amazingly, the people with disabilities will be raise to our level. It’s that simple.

What are these two senators commenting on? Because of the United Nation’s CRPD (Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities).

NAD wrote a letter on their website to spread the news that CRPD has recognized ASL and Deaf culture as a human right. The letter pleaded with you to inform your senators that you support this CRPD treaty. 162 countries around the world has ratified this treaty, but the US has rejected it.

Senator Harry Reid, a democrat, was determined to propose the treaty again which he did almost 2 years later. It was REJECTED AGAIN.

Why? One senator said that if the treaty was approved, then the US government will take the control and tell the parents of children with disabilities what to do. The long list that parents must adhere to was not acceptable and offensive.

Another senator mentioned that the American laws already cover these issues of disabilities, thus the treaty was not needed.

Now to focus on US laws, do we really recognize signing and Deaf Culture as human rights?

Two major comments I want to impart with you.

First, if you meet with your senator, I caution you against only complaining about your issues. It will give the senator a bad image and dangerous ideology of the Deaf people.

I suggest that you meet your senator with a friendly composure, and be firm. This is very important to bring solutions to your issues. If you ask your senator if they support your issues and solutions, if they do, then it will clear your hurdles just like hurdle jumpers on track without any obstacles. If not, then hurdles will only slow down the progress.

If your senator is stubborn and against your proposals, then be patient. Thank them for your their time. Wait for the senator’s reelection campaign bid. Approach their competitors and ask the same proposals to support CRPD. If they do support ASL and Deaf Culture as a human right, inform the competitor that your community will support them.

Just like Bonita Ewan did in her home state. [Text & pictures of Bonita Ewan & Indiana Representative Christina Hale]

Second, please keep in mind that Deaf is NOT NOT NOT a political issue. It’s a human issue.

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