New Political Action Committee: Politics and the Deaf

Hello to all Deaf people!
I want to introduce you to the new PAC. What does it mean? Political Action Committee.
Our new PAC is called Politics and the Deaf (PATD).
Who owns PATD? You, me, and to all the Deaf people. Finally!
PATD was establish with a goal to invite US Presential nominees and to form a partnership with the Deaf people.
Both Republican and Democratic nominees will be invited to California School of the Deaf at Fremont on September 9th.
Moderaters will open a dialogue with Presidential nominees, not to debate, but to provide exposures to Deaf issues and come up with solutions to our issues.
We, the Deaf people, have had a long and ardous journey with no support from political leaders.
With the conference, bringing together the issues and solution with political leaders, we’re searching for partnership that will support our Deaf people.
On Feburary 9th, I will share a website that you can read, discuss, think, and share en mass to bring issues together. Remember this PAC is yours so, bring everyone to brainstorm and to bring unity to achieve the goal of bringing the presidental nominees and find a politcal partner.
Before I share all of the issues at once, I will focus on just eight for now with vlog later on each issues.
First vlog is NAD: there is nothing inherently wrong with NAD and I’ll explain why.
Unity: There are already PAC that are out there and some forming right now, but how can we all work together to accomplish our goals.
App: How can we share information directly to you and everyone.
Deaf: to find which political leaders support our Deaf community, we must be non-partisan. What does Deaf mean? Deaf is Culture and language so we must work with political leaders to build a foundation to support us Deaf people.
Financial: Vlog to explain why fundraising and how it works.
Issues: We will discuss different issues and who will write it.
Conference: What will the conference be like?
Long term plan: How will PATD be used long term?
Very cool! PATD is yours and belongs to all the people in Deaf community. So please share with everyone!
Thank you!

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