Hello everyone!
Do you remember that PATD was formed for two reasons: invite Presidential nominees and to seek partnership. Such a simple and sweet reason.
If any PAC, Deaf Organizations, or Deaf movements have plans to invite the Presidential nominees, please let us know, I’m more than happy to work you to make it happen! I will let all the Deaf and allies of Deaf community to know immediately. They can plan for this special occasion!
Now we will wait until February 18th for any such plans. If no one has come forward, then our PAC will set forth to action with one track mind and make it happen.
Now the focus of this vlog is Unity.
Text: Who’s your worst enemy?
A. Your own people
B. Audiologist/Speech Therapists
C. Politicians
D. Technology Companies
The result of the survey is 50% for Politicians, 25% Audiologoists/Speech Therapist, 12.5% Your own people and 12.5% Technology Companies.
The real answer is Your own people. If you got the wrong answer, don’t be because that’s a good sign! You might be totally perplexed as to how this can be? If you answer this right, then yes, it is a painful truth.
I learned a lot from a book written by Dr. Paddy Ladd. There is one word that was especially powerful in the book: colonization. Means I understand little of Deaf history, and Deaf communites go through a series of oppressions that grows stronger and provoke themselves as enemies among them.
What I learned from Dr. Patty Hughes, a CEO of Glad, has a wonderful attitude and supports different communites even though she may disagree with them. She gives feedback and discuss on issues with those communities. Why does she have such a positive attitude? Because she learned from Harlan Lane who himself is Hearing and was immensely involved with the Deaf community, learning and socializing with various Deaf people. Collecting notes then gave a speech, asking “Who’s your worst enemy?” She came to the conclusion that it was Your own people! She determined that she’s not one of them.
Wow. That’s a good sign.
Thanks to both Dr. Paddy Ladd and Harlan Lane that Deaf people start to work together, giving each other feedback and keep making things better and better.
I’ll show you why, (description: scroll of community page that comes with over 30 pictures of Deaf leaders)
Are we done? Far from it, more and more Deaf people are looking forward to having a positive impact this year.
Unity is something we can’t explain, such a beautiful thing to have partners to work together and to look forward to achieve that goal. I’m ready, are you ready?
Let’s begin…

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