84-Year Old Waterville Woman Receives Hearing Aids Free of Charge

84-Year Old Waterville Woman Receives Hearing Aids Free of Charge

“Patricia’s a long-time senior from the area that has a pretty severe hearing loss. She wasn’t able on her own to get hearing aids. So we have a Beltone Foundation and the family can submit an application by writing a letter of need or desire for hearing aids,” said Felicia Curtis, Hearing Care Practitioner at Beltone in Waterville.

84-year old Patricia Johnson has suffered from severe hearing loss for several years.

As her hearing failed, she lost the ability to carry on conversations, in person or on the phone.

“I can’t talk on that half the time. I don’t understand what they’re saying and I try to tell them I’m very hard at hearing and they’re talking to me and they’re not listening,” said Patricia Johnson.

But all that is about to change. The Beltone Hearing Care Foundation donated a pair of hearing aids to Johnson, free of charge.

“She’s never even had a pair of hearing aids on her ears before, so we’re going to really get to see the whole light up of her face when she gets to hear,” said Curtis.

“Pat, I just want to tell you that on behalf of Beltone and the Beltone Hearing Foundation, we proudly and happily present you with this brand new set of hearing aids. I’m going to go ahead and put them on you,” Curtis told Johnson.

It was a dream come true for Johnson as she heard the practitioner’s instructions better than she has in years.

“Are you hearing my voice a little bit better? Can you hear me okay?” asked Curtis.
“Oh yes. Oh yes,” exclaimed Johnson.

Without insurance, the nearly six-thousand dollar set of hearing aids seemed like an impossible luxury a year ago.

But thanks to Beltone New England and her family’s perseverance, Johnson can finally hear her son’s voice crystal clear.

“I love you, dear,” said Patricia.
“I love you too, Mom.”


84-Year Old Waterville Woman Receives Hearing Aids Free of Charge

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