Action Alert – Please contact your representative if they are on the Education Finance Committee and ask them to support funding for Pre-K at the Metro Deaf School. You can find your representative at: The list of the members of the House Education Finance Committee are below.

• If you do not live in one of their districts, but know people who do, please ask them to write or call. It is important that legislators hear from the people they represent.

• Please send an email or call. Sample emails and talking points below. You can either cut and paste from below, or even better, change it into your own words and add your own story.

• Please also consider submitting a variation of this text as a letter to your local newspaper (Just change the first sentence to say, I encourage Representative ___ (fill in the name of your local legislator) to support…).

Talking Points:
• The Pre-K years are critical for language development.
• The Metro Deaf School is the only school in the metro area that provides immersion in ASL.
• Some school districts are refusing to allow parents to choose the Metro Deaf School for Pre-K. They argue that their deaf / hard of hearing instruction is sufficient, even if it includes little or no instruction in ASL.
• We need to ensure that all Pre-K children have access to language. This small appropriation ($69,000) will take us closer to that reality.
• Deaf children should not have to wait until they go to kindergarten, when the law allows their parents to choose the Metro Deaf School, for these kids to learn language.

Sample Email:

Subject Line: Constituent Request: Please support funding for Pre-K at the Metro Deaf School

Dear Representative ______________ [fill in last name of Representative]:

Please support funding for Pre-K at the Metro Deaf School which would allow parents of deaf or hard of hearing Pre-K children to choose the learning environment that is right for their child. The Metro Deaf School is a public charter school and is the only school in the metro area that has a center-based preschool instruction in American Sign Language. For deaf children who are visual learners, the best means of acquiring language is through the immersion and direct modeling that this program provides.

Deaf children should not have to wait until they go to kindergarten, when Parent Choice kicks in, to acquire the language skills they will need. $69,000 is a small amount for the state to give these children access to language.

Please support including the funding for Pre-K at the Metro Deaf School in the Omnibus Education Finance Bill.

Thank you,

Your Name Here
Your Address Here

House Education Finance Committee Members:

Jennifer Loon (48B – Eden Prairie) 651-296-7449
Ron Kresha (9B – Little Falls) 651-296-4247
Mary Murphy (3B – Hermantown) 651-296-2676
Paul Anderson (12B – Starbuck) 651-296-4317
Tom Anzelc (5B – Balsam Township) 651-296-4936
Peggy Bennett (27A – Albert Lea) 651-296-8216
Drew Christensen (56A – Burnsville) 651-296-4212
Jim Davnie (63A – Minneapolis) 651-296-0173
Bob Dettmer (39A – Forest Lake) 651-296-4124
Sondra Erickson (15A – Princeton) 651-296-6746
Kelly Fenton (53B – Woodbury) 651-296-1147
Jerry Hertaus (33A – Greenfield) 651-296-9188
Carlos Mariani (65B – Saint Paul) 651-296-9714
Paul Marquart (4B – Dilworth) 651-296-6829
Joe Mullery (59A – Minneapolis) 651-296-4262
Jerry Newton (37A – Coon Rapids) 651-296-5369
Bud Nornes (8A – Fergus Falls) 651-296-4946
Roz Peterson (56B – Lakeville) 651-296-5387
Duane Quam (25A – Byron) 651-296-9236
Yvonne Selcer (48A – Minnetonka) 651-296-3964
Linda Slocum (50A – Richfield) 651-296-7158
Anna Wills (57B – Rosemount) 651-296-4306

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