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ColorFEST 2016 will be held on April 15-17, 2016, at National Technical Institute of the Deaf in Rochester Institute of Technology.

ColorFEST 2016 is an annual conference of deaf/ASL community members who are college students and identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and/or asexual (and allies).

The $25 combo pass includes drag show, five meals (including a food truck and a banquet), an art activity, and workshops covering identity awareness, advocacy efforts, and LGBT rights. Our keynote speaker is Mark Wood, a renowned director/producer of ASL Films. Workshops include a deaf LGBT panel about personal experiences of adopting a child and discussions on diversity in color that go beyond the standard rainbow. For the full schedule and speakers, visit http://www.colorfest2016.com/. To purchase your $25 combo pass, visit the ColorFEST 2016 website.

Captions provided. Watch in high definition.

Image description: Cat is standing in front of the ColorFEST website with a list of seven speakers. She is spelling the letter “R.”

Video description:

[ColorFEST logo on screen, with colorful text “ColorFEST” and the subtitle “May the Q be with You” on white background.]

[Video cuts to Eric looking at a desert background.]

[Video cuts to Tianna looking at a moving spaceship.]

[Video cuts to Cooper looking at a hovercraft.]

[Video cuts to Eric in front of the desert background, looking at the camera.]

Eric: ColorFEST

[Video cuts to Jeffrey running in front of a doorway with a ColorFEST poster.]

Jeffrey: I heard there’ll be workshops.

[Jeffrey runs through the poster into the room.]

[Video cuts to Haley watching a landing spaceship.]

Haley: April 15-17. Are you ready?

[Video cuts to Sadie in front of Spectrum office.]

Sadie: For the Friday night drag, [pulls in Anthony] do you want to see what he looks like? Come!

[Video cuts to Cooper in front of a cloud city.]

Cooper: Where? NTID – National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

[Video cuts to Bre sitting on a couch next to colorful decorations.]

Bre: For the Saturday night food truck, do you want to see the food? Come!

[Video cuts to Tianna looking at a spaceship.]

[Video cuts to Manju ripping through a banner saying “ColorFEST.”]

Manju: There is an art activity!

[Video cuts to Haley looking at the same landing ship.]

[Video cuts to Nick standing in front of a white background PowerPoint slide.]

Nick: Mark Wood is coming.

[Nick holds up his hand as the hand logo of ASL Films appear on-screen.]

[Video cuts to Tianna standing in front of an orange background.]

Tianna: It’s $25 dollars.

[Spaceships zooms past Tianna in the background.]

[Video cuts to Cat standing in front of the ColorFEST website listing the speakers.]

Cat: Go to ColorFEST2016.com. [Clicks on the Tickets tab.] Buy now.

[Video cuts to Markea in front of a light-saber battle scene.]

Markea: May the Q be with You.

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