Imaginears Provides 7 “Life Hacks” for Healthy Hearing

Imaginears provides tips to improve and protect hearing in a recently published article.

(PRWEB) April 12, 2016

Life hacks are simple tricks or techniques that allow people to manage time and daily activities in a more efficient way. Popular life hacks include folding a shirt in only two moves, ironing button-up shirts inside out to avoid the buttons, and placing a newspaper at the bottom of a trash bin to absorb food juices.

Life hacks can even apply to the body, and more specifically, to hearing. In a recently published article, Imaginears provides several life hacks that can ensure better hearing.

Life hacks for hearing include quickly checking for hearing loss by completing an online test, using white noise to sleep better, wearing customized hearing protection to prevent hearing loss, preventing hearing loss with a popular principle of physics (the inverse square law), preventing hearing loss using the 60/60 rule when listening to music, and favoring the right ear for speech.

The final tip is the most impressive: regulating the listening environment with hearing aids. Hearing aids help the user enhance speech, suppress background noise, and augment music. Hearing aids can also “adapt” to specific environments when programmed by a hearing professional. With the press of a button, hearing can be optimized for noisy environments like a busy restaurant or for the quiet environments at home.

Some hearing aid models can even be controlled with wireless remotes or smartphones, and some can wirelessly stream phone calls and music. The user can therefore not only regulate the listening environment; they can regulate it discreetly in real time.

To learn more about each hearing life hack, and for access to the full article, visit 7 “Life Hacks” For Healthy Hearing.

About Imaginears

Imaginears is a full-service audiology practice located in Oregon, with locations in Medford and Ashland. The practice offers comprehensive hearing care services to help members of the local community hear better, live better, and reconnect with loved ones.


Elizabeth D. Tangel, Au.D.



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Imaginears Provides 7 “Life Hacks” for Healthy Hearing

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