Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen: When Nyle DiMarco takes on Tarzan for Dancing With the Stars‘ Disney night, YES, he will be shirtless.

So you can all exhale a sigh of relief, because the man knows his strengths and he will absolutely show them off if that is what it takes to win DWTS. You should probably keep your smelling salts handy, though, because E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at the Phil Collins-inspired dance the hunky America’s Next Top Model winner and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, are preparing for tonight’s competition, and if you’re hoping you catch an early glimpse at that glistening torso, you will not be disappointed.

Tarzan is one of my favorite movies. Tarzan and Jane, when they first met, they couldn’t understand each other, and that’s exactly what happening with us,” Nyle says in his pre-performance package. “So I’ve always wished that I could actually be Tarzan.”

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Dancing With the Stars

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Can we get a “hell yes” for the corporate synergy involved in getting Nyle to tap into his inner lord of the jungle?

Yes, there is flexing and a tank top involved in this preview, because as Peta says, “For Disney night, it’s important that Nyle gets into his character. He needs to be Tarzan.”

And guess what?

He totally does—loincloth and all—and you can see the reveal in the clip above. Press play for some shirtless action and tune in to Dancing With the Stars tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC for the full performance.

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Nyle DiMarco Is a Shirtless Tarzan for DWTS Disney Night

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