Premier Kathleen Wynne told the legislature Thursday that while the demonstration schools do great work, they can not serve the many thousands of students with special needs across the province.That delay caused many parents of the school to wonder if the school was about to close. While no other decisions have been made, the Ministry of Education is carefully considering the input received from consultations. “It was an incredible get-together of parents and students and former students”, Elchami said. While the minister of education states that this issue is not about money, she fails to mention that closing these schools was a recommendation of the Drummond Report. It’s based on the campus of Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in west-end Belleville.Ten-year-old Lexi Lemoire-Drouillard, of Trenton, Ont., has dyslexia and couldn’t read until a Grade 3 teacher spent a lot of extra time with her, but said she’s fallen behind because she did so well on oral exams that she can’t get into a demonstration school. Kim is encouraging supporters of the school to write to their MPP to encourage the school be kept open. An online petition was recently formed and a vocal parents group is now lobbying the provincial government to keep the school open.”The minister has not committed to the long-term viability of these schools”.Sandals also announced Wednesday that the government is resuming the 2016-17 admissions process for schools for students with severe learning disabilities as well as those for deaf and blind students.In February, the province launched a consultation to assess student needs at those schools in the face of declining enrollment.The “one-year band aid the government is promising” for the demonstration schools just isn’t good enough, he added. “The consultation process provided the Ministry of Education with valuable insight and feedback from students, families and staff as well as education and community partners”.

Parents urge education minister to keep demonstration schools open

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