DCARA: San Jose Office

Fatima Currimbhoy, Information and Referral and Andy Mitchell, Advocate from the San Jose office.

Fatima: Why vlog? We received concerns from the community about our San Jose office as if we are moving or closing down.

Andy: Now, we would like to update with you that we are still at our current San Jose office, where? The address is 650 N. Winchester Blvd, Suite 3, San Jose CA 95128. We are still providing services and aren’t closing down anytime.

Fatima: If we happen to move to different office in the future, we will update with you with a new address for sure. It doesn’t mean DCARA is closed down, we will still provide services and you still can make appointments with us.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us. fatima.currimbhoy@dcara.org and 408 899 5088.

Thank you for watching us.

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